About Me

Hi! I’m Heather. Wife to my high school sweetheart for 9 years, and mama of four little ones.

Jared and I have had a crazy story together, and it’s my favorite. We’ve been best friends since we were kids and he is absolutely my favorite person in the entire world. He’s taught me everything I know about photography, and supported me on this journey. We have two boys and two girls: Rowan Michael, Briar Elizabeth Story, Rooney Boden Wolf and Ivory Ophelia Lore. They all have nature-themed names, and they are the coolest little people.

We grew up in Upstate New York, and we ended up moving down south after our third child Rooney was born. Rooney had an in-utero brain hemorrhage and a long NICU stay when he was born. We decided to sell our house to pay his medical bills and move to Greenville, South Carolina. What a journey its been! Our fourth baby Ivory was born here, and also had a long NICU stay. All in all, we’ve been really thankful to be out of the cold weather and enjoying the Carolina sunshine with our kiddos.

We love to be outside together, hiking, swimming and exploring the city.

I have a lot of creative passions. Photography, of course, is one. I also love to sew my kids clothes (I had an Etsy shop for a while), I absolutely love decorating and DIY projects (boho/minimalist and MCM vibes foreverrrr), I enjoy painting (I love water soluble oils), and growing plants (my Monstera deliciousa is my favorite baby and my Fiddle Leaf Fig is trying to die on me every day). I have a crafty business called FERN&FOLK making everything from boho jewelry to wooden peg families. I like to read, dye my hair every shade under the sun, love tattoos, coffee and music, and I’m a hat and shoe obsessed girl. I could talk pregnancy, birth, and babies all day long. I love Jesus and I’m excited to keep growing more like Him. This amazing journey has been a blessing from Him and it’s been a priviledge to serve families using my gift this way. I donate sessions to charity causes every year so that I don’t lose sight of that!

Getting to know my clients is half of the fun, so reach out and let’s be friends! It’s the coolest when this brings people into my life that end up becoming so much more than a photo shoot. Have questions about photography? Shoot me an email! Want to chat about plant babies or what color you’re painting your living room…girl let’s talk! I’d LOVE IT.