Family Photography

Document your family's life.

Your family’s story is unique. And this wonderful, challenging, amazing chapter of that story is brief and fleeting. I can’t stop time for you, but I can help you capture special moments that you can look back on lovingly for decades.

about this session

A family lifestyle photography session is an opportunity to capture authentic moments with your family. We can shoot in your home, at your favorite park, around a campfire… wherever you love spending time together. I’ll offer gentle guidance from time to time, but mostly I’ll be a fly on the wall documenting real life and real laughter with the people you love.

What will we do?

After you book your session,  I’ll ask some questions about what your family enjoys doing together. Maybe that’s playing at a park, making cookies, reading books, or something else entirely! We’ll find an activity that you enjoy and want to document. Then, during the shoot, you’ll just spend time with your loved ones! I’ll offer gentle direction as needed.

Will you take “traditional” pictures?

Absolutely! We will always stop a few times for everyone to look at the camera and smile.


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