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they'll never be this little again.

The first days and weeks of your baby’s life are like none other. I remember staring in awe at my babies’ tiny fingers and toes. Watching them yawn, stretch, and squirm. I can say from experience how quickly these beautiful days go by, and I’d love to help you capture this exciting chapter of your family’s story.

about this session

Fresh 48 sessions are great for people who want to capture their baby’s first moments. In this lifestyle session, I’ll take some photos of their tiny hands and feet, their bellybutton, and, of course, that sweet face. We’ll also capture the quiet moments between you and your baby, and first meetings with family or friends. This can be done at the hospital, birth center, or in your home.

Newborn sessions are the perfect way to capture your newborn at home – in their nursery, with siblings, with both parents, etc. My goal is to capture authentic moments that you can look back on and remember what life really looked like.

Where will we shoot?

Fresh 48 sessions are shot in the hospital, birth center or your home. For newborn sessions done any time within those first few months of life,  I like to be in your home – usually in the nursery, living room, and master bedroom. If the weather permits, we may also go outside. Oh, and don’t worry if your house is a mess. You just had a baby! If I need to, I can move things around so your home looks spotless in the pictures.

How long is this session?

A typical session takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. With newborn photography, the baby is in charge, so we’ll allow time for feeding and diaper changes.

Do you use props or special outfits?

As a lifestyle photographer, I like to help families document what life really looked like with their newborn. So, no, I won’t bring a bag of props, dress up your baby like a sunflower, or prop your baby in an unnatural position.

How can I prepare for my baby to be comfortable and cooperative for the shoot?

Newborns are unpredictable. That’s okay. Since this shoot is all about them, I purposefully plan extra time for diaper/outfit changes, feeding, and breaks. It’s usually a good idea to feed your baby before I arrive so they’re sleepy and content.

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